Small Courtyard Garden

2013-11-21 12.04.14

Site at the beginning of ground works and placement of fence posts.

2013-11-21 12.04.03

Site after removal of tarmac and concrete.

A Small courtyard garden overlooked by neighbours.

The Aim

To provide a clean secluded seating area with minimal maintenance and some storage. Also as it would be used for entertaining a barbecue would be a bonus

The Solution

To build a walled seating area with some space for minimal planting and to incorporate some storage beneath the seating.

To enclose the area with a slatted horizontal fence to maintain some light but a sense of privacy. At the rear the fecnce would curve over the seating area to give a better sense of enclosure and privacy.

Create a brick barbecue to one corner. A small seating area of re-claimed brick block paving to break up the paved space.


Curved rear fence effectively giving a sense of privacy and protection

After Picture

Project with slate paving, brick barbecue, and seating area with storage beneath. Waiting for coat of paint/render.

After Pic

Bespoke brackets creating curve to rear fence.


Garden make over with different areas for interest and minimal maintenance, awaiting coat of paint/render

All finished!

All finished!